IVONA For Developers

Develop with IVONA Text-to-Speech.

1. Introduction

IVONA Speech Cloud is an API  for use of IVONA Text To Speech services. It will be called “API” in the further part of this document. At the moment API allows its users to:

  • generate sound files from imported texts
  • get the information about available voices and codecs
  • modify the pronunciation rules sets to improve the pronunciation of specific words.

You can try IVONA Speech Cloud for free by joining Ivona For Developers program. To register just click here and tick “I want to receive Trial version of IVONA Speech Cloud/SaaS” option.

IVONA SpeechCloud API could be accessed through two interfaces:

  • REST interface:
    • WADL file for the REST interface is available here: http://api.ivona.com/saasapiwadl.xml
    • Base path for accessing API resources is as follows: http://api.ivona.com/api/saas/rest/. For example list of voices could be accessed using this path: http://api.ivona.com/api/saas/rest/voices/. The exact resource name and REST method that should be used is listed in each function description in the access section, further in this documentation.
    • JSON is the default and currently th only type of response supported by API.
  • SOAP interface: