IVONA For Developers

Develop with IVONA Text-to-Speech.

IVONA For Developers – Products Overview

IVONA Speech Cloud

Storage memory (ROM) per voice

– 150-250 MB
- < 150 MB**
- < 60 MB**
0 MB
Runtime memory (RAM)
– 5 – 13 MB
- < 5MB**

0 MB



Under 50 MIPS


X86 (32/64 bit); ARM 7,8,9,11; Strong ARM; X-Scale; Sparc (32/64 bit)*; PowerPC*; MIPS*


Linux, Windows, Android, Windows Mobile, Windows CE, iOS, Tizen/MeeGo, Mac OS X, Solaris*, FreeBSD*


IVONA C/C++ API, IVONA Java API, TCP/IP, Unix socket, SAPI 4*, SAPI 5

Web Services (SOAP), IVONA C/C++ API**, IVONA Java API**

Key features

BrightVoice™: superior speech output quality

Languages and voices
US English (2 male, 3 female, child); British English (male, 2 female); US Spanish (male, female, child**); Spanish (male, female, child**); German (male, female); French (male, female); Polish (2 male, 2 female); Romanian (female); Welsh; Welsh English; Australian English; Italian; Icelandic, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch; Danish; Portuguese**; Russian**; Japanese**; Turkish**; DE_English (Implementation of frequently used Anglicisms in German); Flemish; Special Effects (SFX)/Character voices*
Sampling rate
8 kHz, 22 kHz (up to 48 kHz*)
8 kHz, 22 kHz (up to 48 kHz*)
Audio formats
PCM 16 bit mono/stereo*, A-law, µ-law, mp3*, vorbis (ogg)*
mp3, vorbis (ogg), PCM 16 bit mono*/stereo** A-law, µ-law
Low response (start/stop) time
SDK components
Libraries, documentation, examples (C/C++, PHP), support; Supported events: word-highlighting (alignment of text with audio), visemes (lip-sync), bookmarks, SSML events
Prosody control: volume, speed, pitch
User level pronunciation lexicon

(with regular expression rules support)

Language detection
Phoneme mapping for mixed languages input
Text preprocessing rules for specific domains
Dynamic voice and language switching
Mixing static expressive prompts

Custom voices: voice branding or custom accent and/or style

Support for natural reading of long texts
Support for phonetic alphabets
IPA, X-SAMPA, TeleAtlas®, Navteq™
IPA, X-SAMPA, TeleAtlas®, Navteq™
Expressive TTS effects
Standards compliance
W3C SSML 1.0/1.1, W3C PLS 1.0 (with IVONA extensions)
W3C SSML 1.0/1.1 (with IVONA extensions)
Built-in audio effects
Support for text highlighting
REST support
* Available on request
** Feature in development