IVONA For Developers

Develop with IVONA Text-to-Speech.

Software Development Kit

IVONA SDK is the most straightforward way to integrate high speech quality voices within your program or device. It may be a base for any kind of program and/or service that offers speech to end-users. SDK is also a basis of all IVONA products, which guarantees it has been well tested and validated in different scenarios. Structure of IVONA products in context of SDK is well depicted on the following picture:

IVONA SDK structure

IVONA offers its SDK across a variety of hardware platforms including:

  • Linux (32/64 bit)
  • Windows (XP, 7, Server)
  • Windows Mobile/CE
  • iOS
  • Mac OS X
  • FreeBSD
  • MeeGo
  • Solaris

… and many other.

SDK is also available for various programming languages and APIs such as:

  • C/C++
  • Java
  • .NET platform (C#, VB, etc.)
  • ObjectiveC

This gives you freedom to implement IVONA SDK integration that suits virtually any project

To try IVONA SDK please register to Ivona For Developers program here and expose your need in project description section or contact us. IVONA representative will contact you shortly and guide through next steps.